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Social Media and the Financial Industry

Which brings us to the heart of our blog. Social Media is taking over. Practically every investment manager has a Twitter account. Practically every advisor is tweeting, following, and blogging. Us too. Even the conference keynote speaker, Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great” and “Great by Choice” has a Twitter account and is being followed by thousands of followers. Hash tags are everywhere. And folks are no longer passing business cards, but rather their tweet handles.

The conference has over a dozen different classes on “social media” as the investment world continues to move forward in blogs and tweets.


Embracing Social Media

We, at Kabler/Thomas, are embracing the world of social media, it’s amazing to see the growth of it all. It’s amazing that we can listen to a bond fund manager, post a tweet, and our clients/followers have that information in a matter of seconds. Back “in the day”, we would need to type up the thoughts of the bond fund manager and send it via postal service. Our clients got the news 3-4 days later. And that was considered fast.

As we continue to move forward in the world of social media, we try to stay consistent with our blogs (like this one ), but we want to also continue to strive to utilize other means of “social media” such as our new YouTube account (check out our Faith Based Investing video below). Follow us this week and we welcome your feedback. Check out our latest tweets at the bottom of this page. And feel free to “retweet” and “share”.