We offer tax reduction strategies and tax smart portfolio ideas

Paying taxes is an ordeal that most taxpayers simply hate going through each year. After all, you work hard every day just so that you can increase your wealth and make the right investments accordingly for a more secure future. Most tax payers do not even understand the principle behind why tax has to be paid in the first place and also worry about whether they are paying too much or too little.

Tax Strategies

There are many tax-reducing strategies and plans which you can take advantage of each year. Tax management is no easy task but if you plan well ahead beforehand, you are less likely to feel the pinch at the time of actual payment. Rest assured that with any financial planning suggestions, our financial consultants always take into account any tax implications that are likely to arise.


Reduction Strategies

When our LPL financial advisors sit with you to discuss how much tax you pay, the meeting also includes conducting a full review of your tax situation so that the right suggestions on how to reduce your taxes can be made. In addition, we will also explain any changes in the current tax laws which could have an impact on your financial planning as well as review any investments made from a tax perspective. 

There are 5 fundamental strategies we adopt for tax reduction:

  • Timing income and expenses, so that you pay the lowest total amount over several years
  • Converting taxable income to non-taxable income
  • Deferring taxes to a subsequent year
  • Shifting taxable income to someone in a lower tax bracket
  • Deducting expenses

LPL financial advisors do not offer tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.

Minimize Tax Burden

We try to help minimize your tax burden and in maximizing your after tax returns. By:

  1. Tax Efficient Investment Strategies
  2. Reducing taxable income through income deferral or shifting.
  3. Tax Loss Harvesting
  4. Federal Tax-Exempt Bonds
  5. State Tax-Exempt Bond Funds
  6. Deduction planning
  7. Year-end planning strategies
  8. Kiddie Tax Planning
  9. Tax Efficient Gifting Strategies

The Main Goal

The main goal of tax planning of any kind is to minimize overall tax liability. However, it is also important for a taxpayer such as yourself to have a proper understanding of income & estate tax issues, as well as about the relevant costs involved. For instance, federal taxes may be incurred if you choose to give any part of your wealth away whereas additional state taxes such as gift, estate, income and inheritance taxes may also be added. By adopting the right strategies, you can help protect the state of your assets better.

Tax Smart Ideas for Managing your Portfolio

It’s never too late to manage your taxes more efficiently

We go to great lengths to ensure that any savings you realize on tax go hand in hand with all other decisions you make with regard to every aspect of financial planning. For example, if you decide to increase your retirement contributions or to save up for your child’s college education, we will guide you in making the appropriate tax adjustments too.


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