Estate Planning

Ensure your assets will be distributed correctly

Estate planning is a concept that many people prefer to put off for as long as possible simply because it involves thinking about two subjects that most of us are not comfortable discussing- death and taxes. On the other hand, unclear directions about how to divide one’s estate or what to do after the owner passes on only creates more confusion and discontent in many cases. Estate planning is actually one of the most fulfilling gifts that a person can leave for his family and our financial professionals are here to help you plan ahead for any unforeseen circumstances.

How It Is Done

Most families prefer to draw up a will & testament with details about the division of financial assets, properties, cash, stock options and any other items that are deemed valuable.

  • Distribute Wealth

    Make sure that your wealth reaches individuals or organizations named in your will in an appropriate and timely manner.

  • Minimize Taxes

    Minimize the effect of any taxes both federal and state on your estate.

  • Appoint Managers

    Appoint those individuals or organizations who will carry out any functions or duties on your behalf.

What are the likely outcomes if you do not have an estate plan?

  • In most cases, the state law decides which of your near and distant relatives including children actually inherits your assets. In order to arrive at a better decision, the court may also appoint administrators to look closely into this matter.
  • Your inheritors may be asked to pay cumbersome taxes and bear other unnecessary expenses.
  • If your children are still minors, then the court will decide who should be appointed as a guardian to look after their welfare.
  • Your inheritors may be forced to take harsh decisions such as selling your assets in order to pay any estate taxes that may be owed to the state.

An Ongoing Effort

What’s important to remember is that estate planning is not a decision that can be taken in a single day but is more akin to an ongoing process. In a person’s lifetime, there is a big possibility that a will that is made when one is young may be reviewed, altered and modified at least two to three times till he/she passes on. For instance, a will made when a couple gets married will change once the family becomes bigger and there are children involved. In such a case, decisions as to who will become the guardian of the children after the parents pass on as well as details regarding the division of the assets need to be taken into account. Once an individual begins to plan his/her financial goals, other factors such as preservation of assets and measures to reduce/avoid estate taxes also need to be taken into account.


How We Can Help

Our team at Kabler/Thomas Financial Group can help simplify the entire process of estate planning for you and your family. We understand that you have worked an entire lifetime to accrue your assets and that you would like to leave your legacy behind for the next generation. Our LPL financial advisors will work in tandem with other legal professionals such as estate planning attorneys and CPA’s just so that we can prepare all your legal documents the right way and suggest the correct measures which can greatly reduce your estate planning taxes. You’ll see that our professional advice will work wonders in putting all your worries to rest.

LPL Financial Representatives offers access Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

Now Is The Time to Plan

Do not put off planning your estate until it is too late. Contact us today and we will take the pain out of your plan.