College Planning

Helping you plan for your children's future

These days, earning a college degree or a post-graduate degree is no longer an option in the corporate world; it’s a pre-requisite in most job sectors across the country. Wouldn’t you like your children to have the freedom to decide which course they should take or which university they should attend? If that’s a yes, then you need to begin planning for their college years right now.

Plan for College

How can our financial advisors help put together a college plan for your children? By assessing the approximate total value of funding required in addition to suggesting various cost effective tax efficient strategies which go a long way in helping to meet your education funding goals. While conducting such an assessment, other factors such as tax implications, time period and risk tolerance levels of a client are also taken into consideration. This helps us identify the best investment combination for you.


Here To Guide You

igher-level education can be a huge expense but our LPL financial advisors are here to guide you so that you can meet any college expenses which arise in the future, effortlessly. In fact, some of these tax saving measures can also be used by grandparents for further trust and estate planning. Here are a few examples of various college fund saving options we can help you with:

  • 529 State College Savings Plan
  • UTMA – Uniform Transfer to Minors Act
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account
  • 529 State Prepaid Tuition Plans

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