90So we’re into the middle of September already. Time flies by. I remember the days when September meant back to school, but not before Labor Day. And the day after Labor Day was the first day of school because summer was considered over at that time.

In fact, maybe you can remember Labor Day as the day of the “Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy”. The 21-hour television marathon was on practically every channel. It also brought a local favor to it as it would cut coverage from the home base of Las Vegas and right to your local network. I would watch it early in the morning and see that early dollar figure, both nationally and locally. Three different years, I went going door to door throughout my neighborhood, and collecting. My father ran us to our local station as I wanted to help move that dollar number higher. Throughout the day, I would check the TV and try to predict the fund-raising dollar amount at noon, and then at 1:00, and so on. I was always amazed at the tote board by the end of the day . .that huge number. . .and watching Jerry filled with joy, as tears run down his face. What a great guy to devote annually to the cause. (and after 50 years, he was fired in 2010).

In any case, long goes the telethon, but I’m reminded of the telethon every time I see the huge number of our national debt which is $16,742,128,221,365.00. So with the estimated population of 316,620,548 in the United States, we can calculate that every U.S. citizen owes $52,887. And what makes matters worse is that the debt increases by $1.97 billion a DAY.

How can we ever pay off our debt? And to think that in April 2005, the national debt was $7,782,816,546,352.

I guess we’re making a dent into the debt with the buy-backs of the bonds. I guess it makes sense to refinance our national debt by issuing newer bonds at these lower rates, and using the capital that is raised to pay off bonds (debt) with higher rates. And I guess the folks making these decisions are much smarter than us. However, with an increase of almost $2 billion a day (that’s $2,000,000,000), will we ever get control of our national debt?

However, I always thought the tote board of the Labor Day telethon’s posted a huge number. After all, since the start of the Jerry Lewis’ telethons in 1966 until 2009, the total raised for MDA was $2.45 billion or $2,450,000,000. When you think of big numbers and a lot of money, that’s a lot of money raised during those telethons . . . but compare it to our national debt. Our debt will increase by that huge number in less than 48 hours. Yes, the amount of money that Jerry Lewis raised in 43 years is equal to our national debt increasing in the next 48 hours.