LPL Financial LogoLast week, LPL Financial had a conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  This conference was packed with classes, presentations, and continued education.  There were 16 classes available in three days.  Most classes were presentations of new investment opportunities, technology tutorials, and economy & market updates.

To highlight a few points of interest, here is three that could be of interest to you. Contact us if you have questions or interest, and thank you for reading our blogs.

Where to invest now?

(1). With the stock market hitting record highs, and bond rates earning record lows, one may wonder where to invest now.  Consider “alternative investments”.  These investments have little to no correlation to the stock market or bond market which means they increase or decrease on other issues other typical markets.  Examples of “alternative investments” include world currency, managed futures, commodities, bank loans, and others.  Call us for more information and learn about alternative investing.

Non-Traded REITs

(2). Bank CD rates are extremely low and causing many investors to shop for better rates.  With income starved investors searching for higher interest rates on there money, they may want to consider non-traded REITs.  These investments can have a distribution rate of 7.00 to 8.00%.  One is the Northstar Real Estate Income TrustThis opportunity will no longer be available come July 2013, so contact us soon to learn more about non-traded REITs, and start getting higher monthly income.

Long-Term Care

(3). Long term care is a hot topic.  The industry is looking for ways to help folks get the “peace of mind”, knowing their affairs are in order along with having coverage if needing long term care, or even home health care (to have a nurse visit you at home).  There are a number of options of which we will share in an upcoming blog.  Stay tuned.